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A home robbery happens every few minutes each day  throughout the country, being the first line of defense, the burglar alarm is not only a deterrent, it provides peace of mind for you and your family. Ambush Alarms can design and install a completely integrated home security system for your residence. Systems range from small 4 zone panels all the way up to 255 zones. We believe that all security systems should start with full perimeter protection of doors and windows (if possible) with interior motion sensors to add additional protection to your home.

Residential fires happen every day and destroy property and families. Many of these tragedies can potentially be avoided by simply having "SMOKE DETECTORS" professionally installed in your home. Ambush Alarm takes "Life Safety" extremely seriously and we encourage all home owners to have U.L. listed smoke detectors located throughout their homes. We design and install these systems to meet the National Fire Code. Smoke and heat detectors will be located on all levels of the home with special interest paid to the bedroom areas. We recommend that heat detectors be installed near boiler rooms, fire places and attics, while smokes detectors need to be in the common and private areas.
Ambush Alarm can compliment any home systems with items that monitor Carbon Monoxide, Low / High Temperature, Flood, Heat and Fire. You can even arm and disarm you system with a remote keyfob
Most of our systems require12 - 24 volt  electrical hookups and all are backed up with battery redundancy
For that extra peace of mind, have Ambush install a back up radio transmitter which will insure that in the event that your phone lines are compromised accidentally or by a would be intruder, your central station information will be sent and the proper authorities will be dispatched.
Child Watch
Kids come home from school and you want to know that they are safe, but, you are at your office or away on business. How do you know? With an Ambush Alarm Security System installed in your home, you can be notified on your standard Pocket Pager. Our systems can be programmed to report to you if your system is armed, disarmed, alarm conditions and even trouble condition with time of day and who armed or disarmed the system. Imagine, your child comes home from school and disarms the security system. Your control panel will dial your pager. Your pager will show that the system has been disarmed, the time, and which user actually disarmed the system. Your child is home and safe. All is well.
Whether your home is a one bedroom apartment or a sprawling acre estate, your security system will provide you with safety and the peace of mind you deserve. 


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