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The best security system has been designed and installed. Your home and business are secured. Your physical peace of mind is in place, all that's left is to know that someone is looking out for you. Well, someone is. 
Ambush Alarms provides stat-of-the-art, U.L. Certifiied listed 24 hour central station monitoring. 

Residential Systems can be monitored for alarm status, panel status, intrusion, forced entry, perimeter and interior protection, fire / smoke conditions, carbon monoxide, temperature sensors, water / flood conditions, panic, duress and even elderly care supervision as well as a number of additional conditions.

Commercial / Industrial Systems can be monitored for the above as well as Open & Close events by user, auto-arming times, by-pass conditions, supervisory, multiple users and external relay devices.

Central Station Alarm Monitoring

Unlike many security companies, Ambush Alarms uses local central station monitoring companies. Since our central station is located within the New York City metro area, you can be assured that the signals that your control panel sends, will arrive at the designated location. No need to be concerned that the weather 500 miles away from your home may dictate whether or not you alarm panels report codes are received and dispatched upon.

Alarm Monitoring for the Security Professional


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