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With the past events that have encompassed our country, corporate, industrial and commercial security now, more than ever, is not only a wanted item, but, a needed one as well.

Integrated Security Systems can create deterrents as well as traps for the would-be perpetrator. We can design and install systems for a smaller stand alone store front, up to multi-level office buildings as well as several hundred thousand square foot complexes.

Ambush Alarms is a U.L. Certified and Licensed Security Company and provides systems to satisfy any level of protection. Interior and exterior protection, intrusion detection, motion sensing devices, glass and shock sensing units, panic buttons and locking devices are just a few systems that Ambush Alarm designs. We work with banks, schools, government offices, fortune 500 companies as well as the mom and pop business.

Our alarm systems provide complete control of your location along with real time status of the systems integrity. Our systems allow you to have several hundred individual user codes and will supervise the times that the system is activated or deactivated and by which user. We can even add external relays for lighting systems, locking devices or gate controls, and have complete audible and visual alarm conditions signaling devices.

We provide complete security for you location including vault or safe protection, back up monitoring and guard response.


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