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Ambush Electronics can design and install a complete home Theater system for you. From Plasma and LCD TV's to full Front End Projectors we do it all and compliment it with a full Surround Sound Audio System

We can provide and install Plasma and LCD Televisions from 36" to over 80". These units can be placed on or in cabinet work or mounted directly to the wall. Just sit back and enjoy the show. All our components feature the highest quality of cables. We provide HDMI cables, special composite cables and anything needed for the ultimate in viewing enjoyment.

If you have a large enough room we can design a system that features a front end projector. These projectors utilize the smallest amount of space, (usually mounted to the ceiling) and project the High Definition picture onto a front screen. Rooms can be designed to accommodate any number of people. Front end projectors have become more and more desirable due to their price and convenience. Front end projectors do require darker rooms. If your application is based upon a dark room with ample seating capacity, a front projector may be the answer,

Front projector screens are available in different designs. Standard or Fix Wall are just that. These are screens that are permanently mounted to the wall at the required height and are seen. 

Manual drop down screens are mounted to the ceiling and can be lowered and raised manually to meet any height and are neatly tucked away when not in use. 

Automatic drop down screens are installed either on the ceiling or inside the ceiling joists (if possible). These screens are controlled electrically either with a switch, your remote control and can be wired directly to the projector to activate when the unit comes on.

Our Audio Video receivers feature 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, multi channel outputs, mutli-source inputs or DVD, CD players etc...We link all  the components through the receiver to insure proper sound and video matching.

When it comes to the sound for your system, we will design and match the proper receiver and speakers to your needs and budgets. We supply 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound systems completely installed.

Our speakers can be flush mounted into walls and ceilings or as book shelf / box speakers. Either way the sound reproduction is incredible. 

So what is a 5.1 system? A 5.1 systems related to the number of speakers that the unit will provide sound to. A typical surround sound set up consists of your front left / right channels, your front center channel and your rear left / right channels for  total of 5. The additional is your extra hookup for a sub woofer. 5.1.

A 7.1 system utilizes the same set up as the 5.1 system, however adds two additional (left / right) side channel speakers.

For that extra boost, we recommend a way to compliment your audio systems with a good high powered Sub Woofer. This item will add that extra effect of "bass" to the system. Add another aspect to your enjoyment. Sub's come in different sizes and power to meet the size of the rooms.

Finally Compliment your home theater system with a touch screen remote control. The Harmony 1000 touch screen universal remote control can be programmed to work with virtually any audio or video component. Set screens for any application. Want to watch a DVD? Push the DVD button on the display and your TV will turn on, the DVD player is on and set, the audio receiver turns on and is ready for DVD input, the lights can lower and the movie starts. Once on, the Harmony 1000 works as any standard remote control. Fast Forward, Rewind, adjust audio levels even change channels. All at the touch (screen) of a button.
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