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A Medical Alert or People-Watch system installed by Ambush Alarm will provide an extra service for those in need.  

If a medical emergency were to occur, wouldn't it be a great to know that help is just a call away? That is Peace of Mind....  

MEDICAL ALERT SYSTEM.....   If you are concerned about an elderly or incapacitated family member, a Medical Alert system can help. It is on 24 hours, 7 days a week. We can monitor a family member at home anywhere. Our systems can be activated in many ways in the event of an emergency. 
We provide emergency buttons that can be hand held, worn around the neck or on the wrist, placed on a belt clip or placed anywhere in the home. With these devices freedom is not compromised. In the event that the system is activated, our central station will call you directly to assist. We then can dispatch a neighbor or friend, family member, ambulance or fire department.
PEOPLE-WATCH SYSTEM....   We can strategically place a button or  "motion sensor" in the home that if not tripped by a certain time of the day will automatically contact our central station and help will be on the way. This has been a proven method to know when and if a loved one has gotten out of bed in the morning or made it home in the afternoon. 
We all know that this is a very sensitive topic in our lives. We all care and love our family members and lets face it, no one really wants to sit down and discuss this type of situation. We at Ambush Alarm are extremely sensitive to your needs and that is why we take great care and respect in helping design the right system for each individual need.


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