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Ambush Alarms provides complete Closed Circuit Television Systems for your office and even your home. Our custom designed systems can provide any coverage, from a single camera to over 100 cameras. Interior and exterior systems with low light capabilities and even viewing in total darkness. 
Digital Video Recorders
We provide Digital Video Recorders a revolutionary security surveillance systems (these units have replace the standard VCR).  Digital Video Recorder uses latest image compression technology to record camera images into the DVR's Hard Disc  that can record full motion images with 30, 60 and 90 day storage. Archiving images is achieved through built in DVD burners and images can be viewed locally through your network or remotely anywhere in the world via the Internet all password protected.
Our DVRs permits simultaneous playback, recording and instant retrieval of camera images from one to multiple sources. And it can split screen view from 1, 4, 9 to16 screens. DVR can also set recording schedule and image quality for each camera.  We integrate motion detector and external alarm sensor into our systems. 
Our DVR systems also feature Watermarking. Watermarking is a technical method ensuring the integrity of record images. So, when you export images out from DVR in AVI format, the DVR will encode the files by entering the Watermark in them. This function is a powerful tool in the police or insurance evidence authentication. In essence, someone can't place the image of a head on the image of someone else's body

Ambush Alarm supplies it clients with all types of video cameras. No matter what the application is, we can fit the need. Our cameras are available in; ,  
Dome cameras for interior and exterior use in standard and high impact housings. These cameras can be ceiling or wall mounted and are available in clear or smoked domes. There are many sizes to suit each individual need and are available in white and black housings. They are available with adjustable lenses and infra-red ability
Our bullet style cameras are used for a more discreet or hidden type of viewing. Many are small in size (about the size of a lipstick container) with standard or wide angle lenses. Also available in large size with adjustable lenses for short and extreme viewing.
For a more commercial appeal our box style cameras in exterior housing will provide any type of viewing needed for your location. view a simple doorway or an entire parking lot. These cameras pack the punch. Add any size lens from wide angel to electronic zoom. 

Local & secured remote viewing
   To see an interactive DVR DEMO Click Here
   When prompted use the following log in information 
   User Name: admin   (lower case)
   Password:  11111111
   You must have Active X enabled
Large storage capabilities
Linking of multiple sites on one screen
Covert & Overt Cameras
Built in DVD or CD burners
Motion detection recording

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