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Ambush Electronics designs and installs "whole-house" and outdoor landscape audio systems for any size location and any budget. Picture filling your home, office and property with the sweet sounds of the music you love with incredible reproduction quality from any audio source input. That is what a audio system can do for you.

AUDIO RECEIVERS....   Our systems start with the audio receiver and are enhanced by Satellite Radio, CD Players and a multitude of different types of audio sources.

SPEAKERS....   We supply and install speakers for every room and decor. Whether your application requires in-wall or in-ceiling design or your preference is box or book shelf style, we can provide it all. 
SP-M6IM OB-Solo Speaker
In-Ceiling In-Wall Surface Mount Box Speaker Bookshelf Speaker Exterior Speaker

VOLUME CONTROLS....   We provide many types of room volume controls for your home depending on the system of your choice. We offer standard knob design, touch pad and touch screen controls. We even have exterior weather resistant devices for your outdoors.

WALTx-2 Volume Control

LPTx-2D Volume Control A-KP2 Keypad KPL Keypad
Exterior Knob  Interior Knob Touch Pad Multi-Zone Multi-function Touch Screen

LANDSCAPE SOUND....   Can you imagine your family and friends sitting in your back yard under the moonlight, the BBQ is cooking and the warm  breeze is blowing on a summer night? Now lets add in a little music, no not from the portable radio, but from your pair of low-key hidden landscape speakers. A pair of rocks speakers or mushroom style, maybe even hidden in the pond or waterfall area. These speakers will eloquently add wonderful background sounds to your entertaining pleasure. CD, FM, Satellite or any other source input. Control the volume through an out door control or change stations or even music tracks via a hand held remote from outside the home.
Large Rock Speakers in Earth & Slate Colors Small Speaker in slate Sand color to match the surroundings Placed by the pool and patio
These speakers are strategically placed throughout your property to blend into the background . These unobtrusive speakers blend seamlessly into the landscape. Hidden among the brush and flowers. We create or systems to produce music without ever knowing where the sound is coming from


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